A complete 180


My feelings towards wedding planning this week are the total opposite of what I was feeling last week. I was feeling over and done the planning and I just wanted to get married. This week I’m feeling inspired and happy in my planning, and I do think that’s because we moved up our date and changed the overall feel of the wedding.

This week the “vision” (I don’t want to use theme because it makes me think of prom) for our wedding has really come together and I’m really excited about it. I’m not ready to share it with all of you yet, but in the coming weeks I’m going to have a lot to talk about! I found a wonderful designer working on our save the dates, which we’re going to print via vistaprint.com with her help. I think I had a pretty good idea to start with, but she came up with an even better one, so I’m really excited to see how it looks when she’s done with it. I was just going to order something online, but I love the idea of having something original, and it’s going to end up being cheaper than a mass market save the date, which is the best part!

This weekend we’re meeting with several vendors and I’m really excited to get them booked, even though it means I’ll be broke for awhile after paying all of their deposits. Now I have a game plan for the day, whereas before I was really floundering, I had a couple ideas, but no real clue how to bring it all together. Now I have an idea that I really love and everyone I’ve told about thinks is creative and fitting our personalities.

I’ll end with the best news I’ve gotten this week: my future in-laws are not only going to cover the cost of our hotel and flights for our honeymoon, but will purchase tickets for us to see some shows as well. Yay, now we can see Love AND O. I know I’m showing my nerd status that this makes me happy, but those tickets are expensive!


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  1. I’ve tagged you with a Fabulous Blog Award!

    Still a beginner so not sure the right way to do it but you can copy it from my blog.


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