Overstock.com Bridesmaids Dresses


The other day I found this dress on weddingbee. I fell in love with it. It fits our color scheme, it’s not overly fussy and I love the detailing. Unfortunately the dress is about $140, which is more than I want to ask my girls to pay. I’m crossing my fingers it goes on sale, but I’ve looked for other lower priced options. I was surprised that overstock.com sells dresses that can’t only pass for bridesmaids dresses, but they actually are. They start at a very reasonable prices, definitely less than $100. The colors and styles are pretty limited, but if they fit your colors and you want to save your girls some money, I say go for it.

Of the dresses I’ve shown below, the first dress in the second row is my favorite, and a very reasonable $47.99. I love the shape of the dress, but sadly the look is a bit more formal than I’m looking for, especially for an afternoon wedding. I’m keeping it as a contender for now, but hoping I’ll find something else I like as much as the Nordstrom dress.


Here’s to hoping I can find a great off the rack dress for my girls but for myself as well.


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