Vendor Wrap-Up


We just back from Maryland, and I left with quite a bit accomplished for the wedding. Unfortunately one of our meetings for the wedding didn’t go as planned. I’m not going to get into details, but the vendor actually said something akin to something one of those 90’s supermodels once said “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000.” Well, obviously the number was a lot lower than that, but it was disappointing and time wasting to say the least. I’ve never felt like my fiance and I were just a pair of dollar signs to a vendor before, and hopefully we never will again. You can sometimes be made to feel like you’re not a “real” bride because you’re not willing to go into serious debt for your wedding, and if anyone tries to make me feel like that again, we will leave in a heartbeat, and probably with a few expletives falling from my mouth, and apologies falling from my fiance’s. In all fairness, perhaps this vendor didn’t mean exactly what they said how they said it, but my fiance was also irritated after we left, so if it was not their intention to make us feel like our wedding wasn’t worthy, that was the result.

That said, our next two meetings went very well, and were the total opposite of the first. We met with a potential wedding coordinator who was wonderful. She understood our thought process and even said to us “So, you’re basically throwing a party and not a traditional wedding.” Bingo. She was helpful and had a lot of ideas and we are signing with her as soon as I get the signed contract from the venue confirming our new date, which will hopefully be this week. We really don’t NEED a wedding coordinator. Our wedding is small and will not have elaborate set-up, but I don’t want to worry about a damn thing on my wedding day, and with this coordinator, I know she will do everything I asked her to and more.

Our last appointment of the weekend was today, with our caterer. I’ve already mentioned them here before, but I can now say that we have signed the contract with Dean & Brown. We braved a freak snowstorm for our tasting, and were met by Terry, the catering coordinator, who greeted us all by name and with a bubbly enthusiasm. They have a nice private room set up for tastings (with lots of bridal magazines and information on vendors they’ve worked with) and we were all seated. Terry showed us a couple photo albums of weddings they’ve done at our location and others, a card with all of the colors their standard linens come in, and a book of thank you cards from past brides and grooms, which was bursting at the seams.

She brought the food brought in in courses. It was all absolutely wonderful. My parents are pickier when it comes to food, but even they were impressed. Terry answered all our questions, even ones I hadn’t thought of yet. I looked through their upgraded linen choices and I was pretty surprised when my parents didn’t balk at the cost. My dad shrugged and said “You’ll only have about five tables, no big deal.” We haven’t settled on a choice yet (we’ll do that on a walk-through of our venue about 2 weeks before the wedding), but I fell in love with a dark purple linen that will match our color scheme nicely.

We left there very hungry and my fiance said “Good job, honey, they’re great.” When I mentioned our choice of wedding coordinator to Terry, she squealed, and said she was thrilled to work with her again, and our coordinator had had a similar reaction about Terry, so I’m glad to know that two of our vendors are old pals and will work together to make my wedding wonderful.

We only have a couple more vendors to book. Our officiant, florist (maybe-we may DIY or do it online) and the photographer. We are meeting with hopefully THE one on Sunday. She is hundreds of dollars cheaper than other vendors and has a good reputation. I think she’ll fit in with our vendors, as she is a vendor that looks to offer quality service at a good price. If we click with her at our meeting, we will sign the contract that day.

Since we moved up the date I was worried I’d feel overwhelmed about things, but I think we’re progressing pretty well in our planning, I’ve gotten more accomplished in the two or so weeks since I moved up the date than I have in the last two or so months!


4 Responses to “Vendor Wrap-Up”

  1. Hi there

    Just found your website and love it. It is great to hear a truthful account of planning a wedding. That it is not all glamarous and frilly – there are problems and hic-cups along the way.
    Absolutely love it – good luck with the rest of the planning.

  2. 2 budgetbeautiful

    Thanks for reading and for the kind comment!

  3. 3 Zed

    Hi! I’m a Baltimore bride with my big day on May 2nd, and thanks to your blog, found Heidi. I really wanted a DOC but had trouble finding someone who was affordable but professional. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • 4 budgetbeautiful

      Glad I could help! Heidi’s a gem, you won’t have to worry about a thing on your big day.

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