An accomplished week


I am having one of those weeks where I’m feeling inspired and am getting things done, not only for the wedding, but in my personal life as well. My fiance and I are trying to figure out where we’re going to live where our leases are up this spring/summer, and luckily I found the greatest job site ever,, which scours sites all over the internet to find jobs. I’d been telling him for months that there just aren’t a lot of jobs in the area he lives in and we’ll have to live halfway between where he lives and DC. That still might happen, but I’ve applied to four jobs in two days in his city, so here’s to hoping. So long story short, if you’re looking for a job, add to your bookmarks if you haven’t already.

I know you’re all here for the wedding stuff, so on that topic:

-I’ve reorganized my wedding binder. Updated vendor information, threw out old inspiration photos and replaced them with new ones. Put all my contracts in their proper places.
-Sent off the contract for our wedding coordinator, the wonderful Heidi Kern of Entertain Me Event Planning. I am very excited to work with her, she has a great reputation and lots of ideas. I know with her assitance our wedding day will go on without a hitch. Well, maybe not, but if there are hitches, I will be kept in the dark, which is what I want!
-My future mother in law graciously gave us the money to book our hotel reservations for our honeymoon. I found rooms for cheaper on Mandalay Bay’s website, so we can now afford to upgrade our room!
-Sent off e-mails to potential officiants. This is our last “must-have” vendor, so hopefully we can get a good one booked shortly.
-Updated our wedding website.

So I guess I can slack off in my planning for the next couple weeks, but I know I won’t. The only area I’m lacking in motivation is my work-out routine. I know I need to lose weight and tone up before our engagement shoot in less than two months, but I just come home and sit on my butt. I’m hoping if I get a Wii Fit that will help with my motivation, but we’ll see.


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