Oh what shall we do?


Life is a bit of a ? right now. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently looking for a new job. My fiancé lives in the deliciously quaint city of Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am going to move there with him. Probably. Maybe. It all depends on where I find a job. I’m looking both in Fredericksburg (where jobs are harder to find since it’s a smaller city) and DC. I’m honestly okay with whatever happens, wherever I get a job. But until I get said job, our plans are up in the air, which is a little frustrating, especially when planning a wedding.

We have the bulk of our “must-have” vendors booked. A place to be married, someone to marry us, someone to feed us, someone to take pictures of our day, and someone to make sure it all runs off smoothly. Any other vendors are going to be considered “luxury”, and whether we book with them is going to be dependent on what my job situation is like. If I have a job, if it’s full time, part time, etc.

The luxury vendors include:

-A florist. I have a wonderful non-floral idea for centerpieces (which I will share, I promise) so we would only need bouquets. I am falling in love with Princess Lasertron’s quirky bouquets, get one for myself, and have the girls hold something else. What that something else is, I have no clue. Maybe batons? They could do a routine as they walked down the aisle? :p
-Transportation. I’ve never understood why you have to take a limo to your wedding. Okay, I do get it. But limos are insanely expensive, so we will probably pass on that. Our wedding location is only 15 minutes from my parents home, and since the only people that will be there when we arrive at the location are our vendors, I don’t see the point. I’m hoping my father will fix his old Triumph in time for us to use it as a getaway car!
-Hair/make-up. Even though my hairstylist of the past seven years called me to let me know she’s at a new salon near my wedding location, this is an aspect of the wedding I think we’ll pass on. I have soft, baby fine hair. Some people would kill for it, but I HATE it, as it is resistant to curl and would hold an up do for about five seconds before falling, so I was never planning on having an elaborate up-do anyway. I’m probably doing my own hair that day. Or in reality, my sister/bridesmaid will be doing my hair that day, as she is much better at that sort of thing.

We are also not spending the customary cuckoo bananas amount on bridal party gifts. I get wanting to thank your friends for being part of your day, but do you really need to spend $200 to do so? We’re also not going to buy them monogrammed anything. In all honesty, we will get them something they really want, like a video game or a Sephora gift card. I hate most bridal party gifts I’ve seen, and I know that our bridal party will hate them too. Luckily none of them are habitual bridal party members, so I think they’ll be touched by anything we get them.

Are there any aspects of your wedding you’re cutting back on to save money?


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