Planning a Las Vegas Honeymoon


Most couples tend to go to the Caribbean or another island for their honeymoon, and we were like the others-before we got engaged. We were dreaming of a honeymoon in St. Lucia. Then when it really set in how much that would cost, we had to let it go. Frankly, I think I’d go nuts on that kind of vacation. I’m the type of person that may want to sit on my bum for awhile, but I always want lots of activities to keep me busy if I feel like being productive. I haven’t touched a toe in the ocean since I was 15 and almost drowned, so that limits activities at the kind of honeymoon.

I don’t even remember how Vegas became an option for us. I thought it would be fun, and there is no shortage of things to do in Sin City, and when I mentioned it to my fiancé, he went wild. He likes to gamble, so he was sold right away. Vegas can be very budget friendly-if you play your cards right. Here are a few tips to have a great time in Vegas.

-Book your flight on as soon as they go on sale. Southwest only allows booking six months in advance, so that gives you time to save for your tickets, and you don’t have to worry about all the flights disappearing before you can afford to buy them like on other airlines.
-Always check your hotel’s website before you book. As I mentioned last week, we’re staying at the amazing Mandalay Bay resort. Very often you will find a cheaper rate, and in the case of Mandalay Bay, they will give you money back if you find a rate cheaper than theirs. We were able to upgrade to a higher quality of room by booking through their site, vs. the price quoted on Expedia. Another benefit for the budget minded bride and groom: they only require a deposit, not the entire amount of your stay upon booking. I believe our deposit was around $160, and the deposit obviously goes up for the higher room class you request.
-Put a hotel gift card on your registry. Some people think honeymoon registries are tacky. I don’t exactly think they’re tacky, but I understand why people might want to buy you something tangible vs. a spa experience at your hotel. If you put one of these babies on your Wishpot registry, you can use the card anywhere at your hotel, for dining, the spa, etc.
-Shows in Vegas are insanely expensive. Even the crappy ones can be $50+, and if you want to see headliners like Elton John or Cher, forget about it. Check out Tix 4 Tonight, where you can get discounted tickets to shows and to restaurants!
-Never be afraid to ask for an upgrade-especially if you plan to gamble. I’ve been to Vegas once before, and they upgraded us to a suite because our original room wasn’t ready. In my opinion we have a great room to start with, but I’m going to bat my eyelashes and flash my ring and hopefully they’ll upgrade us to a suite. I’m a pretty shy person who does not make a habit of asking for upgrades, but I figure in Vegas, you have a 50-50 shot.
-Don’t leave without reading this book! It has everything from in-depth reviews to hotels to how the games work.

Does anyone else have any budget tips for enjoying a trip to Vegas?


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