Revealing our theme, er our vision!


One of the first things that came to me after moving up our date was a new vision for the wedding. When we were planning an evening wedding, it was going to be a bit more traditional. Now that we’re having an afternoon wedding, we figured we could have a little fun.

Since traditionally people tend to dance less at afternoon weddings, we figured we should come up with something else for them to do if they so chose. We fully expect most of our guests to sit around and chat, but if they want to, they’ll have something fun to do, as our decor will mainly consist of board games!


I really love this idea and since my fiancé is even more into board games than I am, I feel this really reflects us as a couple, and I think it will reflect our somewhat quirky, non-traditional wedding.

We’re using board games in several aspects of the wedding. Yesterday I got the first draft of our save the dates from our designer and they are unlike any I’ve seen before, I really can’t wait to share them with you all. We’re borrowing board games from friends and family (including a vintage Mystery Date game!) and hope to have several games set up for our guests if they feel like partaking. I also found dark purple pencils that people can use for score keeping!

There are a couple other things we’re thinking of doing, such as a custom puzzle, or a board game/guest book. We’d probably refrain from bingo at the actual wedding, but it might be fun for a shower or the rehersal dinner.

I’m hardly the first one to think of this, when I googled board game wedding, Angela & Darin’s Wedding popped up. I love that they made custom board game covers for their centerpieces, but I lack the skill and patience to do that for our wedding. It does go to show you that two couples could use the idential idea for their wedding and have their day turn out in very different ways!

Does your wedding have a theme, vision or overall look that you’re incorporating into several elements of your day?


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