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I’ve mentioned it before, but David’s Bridal DB Online Collection is awesome. A lot of the designs from this collection are more fashion forward that the pouf-fests they feature in their stores. I noticed recently that they added an adorable new dress to the collection! This dress would be perfect for a quick jaunt to […]

I’m a plus sized girl. But, not so plus-sized that I can’t buy my clothes at most retailers, even though it can be a pain in the ass to find them at some stores. While plus-sized clothing still has some ground to cover before it can catch up with our slimmer sisters, there are still […]

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I’m sick. On top of being sick, the fiance and I stayed up too late last night watching the Oscars (yay Sean Penn, yay Kate Winslet, yay Slumdog Millionaire) so I am feeling rather poopy today. I’ve started then deleted five posts today, as my head is all foggy and full of snot, so I […]

I’ve been imagining what music will be played at my wedding since I was a little girl. Obviously I’m not planning on having my first dance to “Hungry Like The Wolf” any longer, but certain songs have always made me tear up as I’ve thought of them being played at my wedding. Dancing is not […]

Since the search term that drives most readers here is “affordable letterpress” I thought I’d talk a little bit more about it. Affordable letterpress is a bit of an oxymoron. It’s a like saying affordable Prada bag. It doesn’t exist-unless it’s a knock-off or used. You’re paying a price for luxury, so there’s no need […]

I will freely admit I am not the biggest fan of the Knot. I do like the camaraderie of the message boards, but as I progress in my planning, I’m spending less time there. I guess because the closer we get to the wedding, the less I care about all those tiny details, so I’m […]

Yesterday my maid of honor told me that her bridesmaids dress had come in, and that it was so, so pretty and that I should come see it. Seeing as she only lives three doors down from me, this was no problem. The girls bought this dress, which I fell in love with as soon […]