Unique wedding jewelry


I used to wear all manner of jewelry. I tend to favor the cheapie stuff that you can find at H&M or Target. Unique pieces that I can wear until they fall apart. I prefer a more modern look, but I will freely admit that I am a nerd that only recently stopped wearing a Lord of the Rings themed ring (Nenya, if you’re nerdy like me). I stopped wearing it because my left hand was starting to look junky as I’d moved all the rings from my right hand to my left after my engagement ring took up residence.

The only ring that I still wear is from the lovely shop Small Things Design. You can see one similar to that in the inspiration board below. In their store (and in their sister store, Stone & Honey) they feature several pieces that would work well as an alternative to the typical (read:boring) wedding jewelry.

As a little girl, my sister and I would collect various crystals and stones, so I absolutely love the bright pink pinwheels on pink necklace below. I don’t think I’d wear it on the wedding day as it might overwhelm the dress (the lovely silver pinwheel necklace next to it would be a nice choice for the big day) but it would be a show stopper at your rehearsal dinner or other wedding event. Best of all, most pieces are under $100!


Are you planning on wearing a unique piece of jewelry on your wedding day?


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