Wedding Frustrations


Nearly all of my wedding related frustrations have been vendor related. My main source of irritation right now is my venue. If I were to do it again, I would probably pick a different location. The venue itself is lovely and I do think we will have a lovely wedding there, but our venue coordinator is, for lack of a better phrase, a total dingbat. You may remember my post from a month or so ago when she indicated that she rebooked my initial date-this was only after I’d asked which dates were available, and that we were leaning towards one, but I wanted to check with other vendors before confirming. I nearly had a heart attack when I read her e-mail, and she never really apologized for causing me stress, insisting that she hadn’t really given away the day. Even though she said “I’ve already rebooked your date!”, so it’s kind of hard to misconstrue that phrase. She’d also told me I should make a decision “ASAP” if I wanted to move my date as there was another bride interested. Um? Not to come off as a pain in the rear, but that other bride can wait. This was not like I’d been considering going to contract, I had a signed contract for my initial date, and I would not be rushed into changing my mind. All of these reasons are a big reason why she’s still irritating me. I felt like because the venue already had my money, I was a second class citizen compared to a potential bride.

As for the current irritation, I sent in the updated contract to move our date about a month ago. My check has yet to be cashed, and the venue signed copy of the contract? Nowhere to be found. I was expecting the business about the check, as my initial deposit took the better part of a month to be cashed. I sent an e-mail two days ago requesting a new copy to be either mailed or faxed to me, and so far no response. The venue has open houses every Sunday, so I have a feeling I’m going to have to make a trip up there and ask for my contract in person, which is beyond ridiculous, and will be the final straw. Unless they wow the hell out of me on wedding day, I will probably leave negative reviews for them. This is not something I take lightly, as I know these reviews can make or break businesses.

I know I’m not the only frustrated bride, and at some point in our planning, at least one of our vendors is going to drive us to drink. I do wonder how some of them manage to stay in business. They don’t respond to initial inquiries. They ignore us after they get our money. Or in the case of some Baltimore/DC brides, their cake baker disappeared-with their money. One bride had no cake on her wedding day. So, in the long run, my frustrations are on the minor side, but you would think that wedding vendors would understand that a wedding is a stressful time for brides and aim to decrease that stress. I really hate to be a pest and e-mail more than once, but if a vendor is not responding to me, I will. I’m paying them money for a service, and if they’re not providing me basic customer service, then they should be aware of that.

Have any of your vendors caused you stress?


7 Responses to “Wedding Frustrations”

  1. 1 Pamela

    Actually, we had the exact same issues with that woman, which is one of the many reasons why we decided to go with a different venue! Good luck dealing with her. I suspect that going in person will be your best bet!

    We haven’t had much vendor stress yet because we only have our venue booked, but trying to find approved caterers that are in our price range is very frustrating!!

    • 2 budgetbeautiful

      Yeah, she did write me back and said she’d mail another copy, but we’ll see if that turns up. I doubt she mailed the first one. She said the treasurer has my check, so I guess they go to the bank whenever the hell they feel like it. I really won’t have to deal with her much before the wedding, pretty much just to give her a final headcount and to order the chairs and tables. Even if she screws that up, they keep those on site, so my DOC can just get them.

      If Dean & Brown catering is on your approved list-please write them ASAP, they’re awesome and will work with your budget. If they’re not, try and find a caterer that is based out of Baltimore or Harford counties. The ones in the city or west of the city seem to be more money.

  2. 3 Pamela

    Unfortunately, Dean & Brown isn’t on my list. Manor Tavern and Hunt Valley Catering look to be the most promising; at least they are willing to bargain, unlike a few of the others (*cough* Chef’s Expressions *cough*).

    I’m glad that you won’t have to deal with her much, she seems all over the place! It’s a good thing that you got a DOC to handle things during your wedding, just in case. I’ve been thinking of getting one too, if we can find one we can afford.

  3. 4 budgetbeautiful

    I think Manor Tavern is on our approved list, and a few Baltimore knotties have used them, I think with good results, but I’m not sure.

    Defintley check out our DOC, Heidi Kern. She is really great, she just e-mailed me today to make sure my planning is going well and to remind me she’s there if I need her help with anything!

  4. Hi! Just stumbled on your blog from weddingbee! It’s great, i’m bookmarking your site now so I can come back to look at all your posts! πŸ™‚

  5. 6 budgetbeautiful

    Thanks, your blog looks great too, I’ll add it to my reader! πŸ™‚

  6. I can’t believe she’s jerking you around like that. Mrs. Avo once told me something pretty wise. She reminded me that we’re paying these peopel to do a job and we shouldn’t feel apologetic when they’re not performing to our (reasonable) expectations.

    We met with a cake baker, we loved her and her work. I asked for a contract so we could make a deposit by that end of October (before we left the country for several months). October comes – no contract. I sent her several follow up emails and she would ask vague, stall-y questions, like asking for the scroll work that I’ve sent her several times. NOTHING. I’m trying to give this woman money? If she had done her job and given us the contract we would have never reconsidered. Now I’m all about cake buffets (our cake WON’T be coming from her). I can’t believe how angry that still makes me…

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