Informative Links


Since I cannot seem to come up with any of my own original content today, here are some informative links for all.

-The super talented Jocelyn Mathewes has a post in her blog about how to negotiate with a photographer.
-If you’re a newly engaged Baltimore or DC bride: visit the DC Knottie Review and the Baltimore Vendor Review sites before booking any vendor.
-I got the great book ‘Intimate Weddings’ for Christmas. Well, they have a great website and blog. Definitley check out the site if you’re having an intimate wedding-or even if not, as there are some handy budget tips!
-How gorgeous is Laurel & Jedd’s Virginia wedding? I love thier lemondade and iced tea set-up. We’re having lemonade and ice tea available to guests as they arrive, so that display was pretty inspiring. Our caterer has some lovely jugs that they’ll use for our reception, so I’m excited about it.


2 Responses to “Informative Links”

  1. 1 mariko

    these are so helpful! thanks =)
    I immediately headed towards the Baltimore Vendor Review and started reading reading reading!

  2. 2 budgetbeautiful

    No problem!

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