OMG! Shoes.


I understand that a lot of brides want high end, couture shoes for their wedding day. Unsurprisingly, I am not one of those brides. I would rather spork my eyes out than pay over $50 for a pair of shoes. My reasoning is two fold. Firstly, I walk fast, and I walk hard. I have a reputation at my workplace for walking quickly, and the slower walkers simply step out of my way. I’m lucky if my shoes last a year, so I don’t want to spend a lot.

Secondly, I used to be a label whore in my younger days, and have grown out of it. What prompted this was I had bought a lovely Kate Spade purse in 2003. I worshipped this purse, I would have built an altar to it if I could. The strap fell off two weeks after purchasing it. My designer love affair was officially over. I figured if I was paying high prices, I should be getting high quality, and while yes, that is often times the case, that strap breaking was my moment of clarity. I should spend my money on more worthy things than a $200 purse.

Now I get most of my shoes at Payless or Old Navy. “BOGO” is my favorite term in the English language. When I was growing up, most of the shoes at Payless were, for a lack of a better word, fug. Now they have designers like alice + olivia and Lela Rose designing for them, and I think that most of their shoes are pretty fashion forward. Old Navy’s shoes are a bit more pricy, but not crazily so. Most of their shoes are in the $20 range.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to buy at least two or three new pairs of shoes during your engagement. Perhaps a cute pair of flats for your engagement shoot. Kicky heels for your engagement party or rehearsal dinner. Then the be all end all shoes, the pair that you will wear on the big day. In the inspiration board below, I’ve shown shoes for those occasions. If you like the silver flats in the center, then you have good taste! I own those, and they are in heavy rotation at the moment. They also get a lot of compliments and are very easy on the toes. I so wish I could pull off the lovely Lela Rose pumps next to them on the left, but I would break my ankle if I tried to walk in any heel over two inches.


Are you splurging on your wedding shoes? If so, are you planning on wearing them after your wedding day?

PS-In case you didn’t get my subject line, I highly suggest you head over here.


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