It’s all in the details.


I’m a total sucker for the paper related details in a wedding. I love when couples incorporate their monograms, make custom signs, or just that added little touch that makes their wedding theirs. It’s even better when a couple decides what’s most important to them and spends the money there and scrimps elsewhere. In this inspiration board I’ve chosen some of my favorite (totally unnecessary, but I still love them anyway) paper products, along with some of my favorite DIY stationery kits.

Before I get to the inspiration board, if you’re planning on DIYing a lot of paper aspects of your wedding, please bookmark this page straight away. It has tons of templates that you can customize to fit your day. I am constantly amazed by brides ingenuity, and their willingness to share templates which clearly took them some time to create.

Anyway, onto the board. I have always been a fan of personalized cocktail napkins. I can’t help it, they’re a bit kitchy, but my wedding wouldn’t feel like a wedding without them. The Knot’s wedding shop is the cheapest place I’ve found by far. I adore the crossed guitars design since the fiance and I are both very into music. Best of all? $20 for 100!

My obsession with cupcake flags started when my sister got the boy and I cupcakes from Sweet & Sassy Cupcakes to celebrate our engagement. I kept one of the flags, and thought they were so adorable, and we are likely using their cupcakes for the big day. If I had any patience or a decent printer, I’d DIY the flags Amanda posted at Vintage Glam Blog here, as they’re precious. At $15 for 24, they are hardly a bargain, but since we’re only planning on having a couple dozen cupcakes anyway, they work well for us. Same goes with the gorgeous cupcake holders. Oh, mama wants. I know they’re just going in the trash, but I imagine they’ll get an ooh and ahh before they hit the bin. The DIY invitation kits I’ve shown are from Wal-Mart and Target, and I think they’re really adorable and modern. The invitation cling would be a cute touch to your car-if you’re like me and probably driving yourself to the wedding, that is!


How much money are you spending on items that will be thrown in the trash at the end of your reception?


One Response to “It’s all in the details.”

  1. I love paper too! I don’t have a firm number yet, but the invites alone don’t come cheap! Just an FYI on the cupcake holders (you might already know this, but I didn’t!). You don’t bake the cupcake into those holders like you would with ordinary muffin/cupcake cups- you add them once everything is fini: cupcake cooled & iced.. then the wrap is tied around the outside.

    You could probably DIY it if you’re so inclined, using one of those Martha punches- then it could be fully customized for your design & patterns 🙂

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