I checked a rather large item off my checklist yesterday. Our designer finished our save the dates and they went to press! I am so, so pleased with them. She took my basic idea and turned it into something that is so unique and truly us. I will share them here as soon as my guests receive them, which will hopefully be in the next two weeks or so.

What I can share now is the fonts we used. I am such a font whore it’s not funny. If you were to look at my hard drive just a year or two ago, you would find hundreds upon hundreds of fonts. It’s a sickness, but I’ve gotten better now. That said, I took some time deciding on a font I wanted to use for our design and gave our designer a few to work with. There were a few that I liked in the preview, but when they were actually used, meh, not so much.

I wanted a font for the front of our postcard that could be read easily. For the back, I wanted something a little girly and fun. It was also important to me that our guests of all ages could read it. Our save the dates are standard postcard size so I didn’t want the text to be jumbled together. I printed out the proof and had my older co-workers read it and they could make everything out just fine, which made me feel good about my choices.

So, for the front of the postcard, we used Nickelodeon. Some fonts look good only in caps, some only in lowercase. This font looks great in both cases, and is crisp and easy to read.

For the back of the postcard, I wanted something a bit more fun, so we used Synchronous. I love, love, love this font. It is so sweet and girly, and exactly what I was going for. For the URL of our wedding website, we did use the Nickelodeon font again, just because it made the text a lot easier to read.

The last bit of text we used was for the actual words SAVE THE DATE. To tie it in with our theme, we used the Scrabble font. There are a couple variations of this font, but this one looks like the designer actually scanned in game tiles, which is what I liked. It’s a bit rough looking when printed out, but I like that. Anyone that’s ever played Scrabble will instantly get what they’re seeing, where as with some of the other fonts, that wasn’t as easily made out.

Did you have a hard time narrowing down fonts for your invitations or save the dates? How many fonts did you end up using?


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