Tips for the newly engaged budget bride


This is the time of year that a lot of new brides appear on the scene. There are a lot of Christmas and New Years engagements and thus a lot of OMGWTFEXCITED! brides. So with that in mind, I decided to make a list of tips for these freshly hatched brides. They’re not the typical ones that you’ll find on the traditional wedding sites. These are tips that have helped me in my planning, and I hope would be helpful to others.

1. Enjoy being engaged for a few weeks before you get serious about your planning
Announcing my engagement was one of the most exciting times in my life. People are so, so happy for you and embrace you and while that’s lovely, they also tend to want to know when your date is and ideas straight away. Don’t feel like you have to rush into planning. Go to the bookstore and buy a ton of wedding magazines. Lurk on a bunch of wedding boards and see which ones work for you. When you have an idea of your wedding vision, then start planning.
2. Decide what’s important to you
If you’re planning a budget wedding, odds are you’re either going to have to scrimp on or do away with some “traditional” wedding items like flowers, limos, etc. This is not an easy choice to make, especially for brides like myself who had imagined a “big to-do” for all of my life until actually becoming engaged. Once I got down to brass tacks and realized how much all that would cost, I let go of things, usually one at a time. It’s not easy to match budget with expectations, but I’m living proof that it can be done.

3. Learn how to say no gracefully
You’re getting married. People will have opinions, especially if your wedding is going to be in any way different than the traditional. Read this great post for tips on how to tell them to butt out.
4. Know your limitations
You are not Super Bride. You do not have to DIY every item from your invitations to your dress. Nor do you have to see to every aspect of your wedding personally. There is another person that will be standing up there with you on the big day (your groom, bride, etc.) so they can take on some of the responsibility. As can your families and bridal party. I’m in no way saying to make your beloved and your relatives your slaves. I’m saying that a strong bride knows how to delegate and let go.
5. If the traditional wedding sites are getting you down, seek out alternatives

I have to admit that I can only take the “traditional” wedding sites like in small doses. While they are very helpful in finding ideas and getting vendor reviews from local brides, I can sometimes feel like I don’t fit in because we’re not having a traditional 21st century wedding. If you feel the same way, A Practical Wedding should be your first stop, your second. Here you will find brides who will probably fit in a bit more with your sensibilities. The community at Offbeat Bride is the total opposite of most bridal forums.

I will be back later in the week with more tips for newly engaged brides!


One Response to “Tips for the newly engaged budget bride”

  1. I am literally laughing out loud at “OMGWTFEXCITED!”, it’s just so true! 🙂
    Great tips. I completely, 100% support your #1 recommendation… I was hands-off for about 6 weeks at the request of my fiance so we could “enjoy the bliss”, and it was amazing.

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