Please Save Our Very Important Date!


I have been the MIA bride for the last few days. My fiance had pink eye, so I had to tend to him. While it’s probably lingering in my system, I have not yet shown symptoms, and I hope it stays that way. We both had a long weekend and worked on our registry and guest list. This is a good thing, since our save the dates arrived from Vistaprint today! I honestly wasn’t expecting them for another week, but I was so tickled that they arrived early. They came out so well, the design looked perfect, and I was pleased with the quality of the postcard. I’m a natural worrier, and thus I had at least one nightmare where I opened the envelopes and found a horribly pixelated mess!

These babies are going in the mail tomorrow, but since only a couple of my bridesmaids occasionally click here, I figured it was safe to share them.

I worked with Ashley at 2BirdStone Design. In our original conversation, I told her about our board game theme and mentioned using a scrabble font. Well, what she came up with was a thousand times better than my lame-o idea. She created a board game of our relationship. Of course if we were not sending these on standard postcards, we could have included a lot more information, such as our childhood hobbies, but we wanted the card to be spread out so that our older guests could follow the board easily, as we didn’t want people to essentially say “WTF is this?!”

The front of the card:


The back, with all of the pertinent information:

All together, this project came in way under budget, thanks to Ashley’s reasonable design fees (convo her at etsy for specifics) a free postcard offer on vistaprint, and lower cost postcard postage. Ashley was a great help, she did numerous proofs for me to get it just right and even uploaded the images to vistaprint for me to make sure everything was good to go.

The wedding is a little more than six months away, and it has seemed private so far, only for myself, the bridal party and our families. Now the rest of our guests will be let in the fun, I can’t wait until our guests start receiving them, hopefully I’ll get positive feedback.

Edit: D’oh! I was stamping the postcards when I realized that it would be very likely that when my beloved save the dates move through the postal service, a large ugly postmark would likely obliterate half of the information on the back of the card. Glad I thought of this before I mailed them! I’m mad at myself for not thinking of this sooner (I’m the one that wanted the information to take up half of the card, not thinking about practical things like postage), but glad that this is a relatively small mistake. Even with buying regular postage and envelopes, I still come in under my original budget.


2 Responses to “Please Save Our Very Important Date!”

  1. This is so freakin’ cute! I think the envelopes are a good idea to save all your great work! 🙂 . I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but where would you have put your invitees addresses?

  2. 2 budgetbeautiful

    You’re not missing anything, the back design is actually cropped. There was room there for me to stick a stamp and a label. But the postmark would have well would have obscured everything on the back, so I’m glad I realized this before I mailed them!

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