I feel like a good bride.


Yesterday my maid of honor told me that her bridesmaids dress had come in, and that it was so, so pretty and that I should come see it. Seeing as she only lives three doors down from me, this was no problem. The girls bought this dress, which I fell in love with as soon as I laid eyes on it. I loved the material, and the cut-outs. I also felt that though it’s shantung, it is not overly fussy and thus they won’t look more formal than me at the wedding. Well, let’s hope not since I haven’t found the dress yet!

I was impressed when I looked at the dress. The purple was a bit lighter than it looks on the website, but that’s okay, I was expecting that. It is still a dark purple with a bit of iridescence as the fabric catches the light. I’m also not the type of bride who wants my bridesmaids to match the linens, so this is all good. This dress still qualifies as ‘dark purple’ just more of a plum than an eggplant. No big. My MOH loves the dress and when I said that old cliched line brides like to pull on their bridesmaids, “YOU CAN TOTALLY WEAR IT AGAIN!” she agreed with me. My MOH is not the type to lie to me about things, so I know if she didn’t like it, she wouldn’t BS me. I’m glad she loves the dress and hopefully my other bridesmaids will also like it and feel that they can wear it again. That makes me feel good, that they did spend money on a dress that they actually like and that it won’t just languish in the far dark corner of their closet. So, I feel that my experiment to go “off the rack” has worked out pretty well. The dress is different, better than those boring plain colored dresses with a sash you see at 90% of weddings these days.

In other news, check out this great article on cnn.com about breaking traditional wedding rules. The advice is practical and pretty funny.


2 Responses to “I feel like a good bride.”

  1. Those dresses are what bridesmaid’s dreams are made of- gorgeous!

  2. 2 budgetbeautiful


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