More Affordable Letterpress Invitations


Since the search term that drives most readers here is “affordable letterpress” I thought I’d talk a little bit more about it. Affordable letterpress is a bit of an oxymoron. It’s a like saying affordable Prada bag. It doesn’t exist-unless it’s a knock-off or used. You’re paying a price for luxury, so there’s no need to try and convince yourself it’s inexpensive. It’s not. But, like a Prada bag, you’re paying for workmanship. A lot of love goes into letterpress invitations, and love isn’t cheap.

Letterpress is not for everyone-especially most budget brides. But I’ve said it many times before, I believe you should focus on what’s important to you and scrimp on the rest, and invitations are important to me. We may end up going the flat printed route if the economy doesn’t improve, but if we are going to get letterpress invitations, the etsy sellers I’ve listed below are some of the first people I will contact. A lot of these sellers do not list prices for their products in their shop, but by my experience etsy sellers are traditionally less expensive than more “established” stationery companies, so it’s worth convoing them if you’re interested in their work.

Golden Rectangle Press features a small line of absolutely delightful invitations. My favorite is the Vintage Postcard. GORGEOUS.

Invited Ink has a wide variety of invitations and save the dates. My favorite is the Love Nouveau set. Yes, they are expensive at well over a thousand dollars, but unlike other sites where a cool grand gets you only your invitations and reply cards and envelopes are extra, all that is included. That price is also for 100 invitations. If you’re an intimate wedding bride like myself, then obviously the price would be lower.

If that price is too high for you, there is also the lovely Art & Love set which comes in at $795 for 100 invitations.

Armato Design offers letterpress and flat printed options. Their letterpress favor CD would be mine if I had more money in the budget! Their Ginkgo Invitation Set is lovely as well.

Letterpress Light offers whimsical letterpress invitations. I love the Monogram Scroll design. How rich does it look? I’d get them dirty from running my grubby fingers over the indentations!


3 Responses to “More Affordable Letterpress Invitations”

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say I completely agree with you on everything you said above. I absolutely heart letterpress and had really tried to find something to fit within my budget. I was all ready to settle (for me it would be settling- I adore paper!) for flat printing when I stumbled across Twinraven’s Press. Not only is the work absolutely gorgeous and custom, but Kristin, the designer, is fabulously accommodating to work with. It’s also the most affordable which blows my mind!

    I ordered (1 colour) 125 invites + reply cards with attached accommodation cards as well as envelopes letterpressed with our address (on the front for the reply card, on the back for our invitation envelope) and it comes out to around $500 + S&H. I think it’s fantastic. I was looking at about $375 for the same in flat printing but for the little bit more for letterpress, it is completely worth it to me.

    Here’s her link, I promise, you will LOVE her (

  2. 2 budgetbeautiful

    Well, okay then, I will definitely add her to my list of people to contact! That is well within my budget, as we’ll only need about 50 invitations.

  3. Definitely contact her, I love her and will recommend her forever.
    The thing to keep in mind with letterpress, is that you’re looking at spending money to make “the plate” which will be pressed into your paper. So there’s already a “fixed” cost if you will in making the invites. However, her standard paper is Crane, it’s gorgeous quality (so thick!), and her work is top-notch. Honestly, you will love her.
    Don’t forget to order a few extras just in case (and for scrapbooks/etc as you like)!

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