Blah Bride


I’m sick. On top of being sick, the fiance and I stayed up too late last night watching the Oscars (yay Sean Penn, yay Kate Winslet, yay Slumdog Millionaire) so I am feeling rather poopy today. I’ve started then deleted five posts today, as my head is all foggy and full of snot, so I can’t seem to pull my thoughts together.


In addition to being sick, I’m in denial about my engagement photo session which is taking place in a little more than three weeks. I have not worked out with any kind of regularity since before Christmas. My routine has gone to pot and so has my butt. Each day I think up a new excuse not to work out, even though I know I will be horrified with my how my big fat butt looks in pictures, it’s not enough motivation to work out. Yesterday I tried on outfits for the shoot and hated everything I put on. I guess in theory I don’t need a new outfit, but I’d like one.

:double sigh:

I wish I could bring myself to give a crap about this, but I can’t. Maybe if I ask nicely I can get our photographer to Photoshop a good 20 lbs. off of me?


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