Budget Flowers


I was never one of those brides who were especially thrilled with the idea of silk flowers. Or to be quite honest, real flowers. I am not a flower girl in general. I do love getting flowers at the occasions in my life, but I’ve never been one to buy flowers just because. This is probably because I hate the mess and I can’t keep my cats from eating them as they are rotten little scoundrels.

I’ve mentioned previously how I’ve considered a florist to be a “luxury” vendor, mainly because I was considering different “thing” to carry in lieu of a big bouquet. I was also considering large bunches of carnations for my bridesmaids, and that pains me. I hate carnations, even though they’ve become trendy, I know I will look back at my photos and cringe. But when you don’t have a huge floral budget, what can you do? I was also worried that I’d end up with a sub-standard florist and have wilted blooms, which would really irritate me.

All those worries went out the window when I stumbled upon the WedIdeas website. It’s funny how quickly a question can be answered for you. Their bouquets are gorgeous, and while they use high grade flowers in their arrangements. There’s a scale for silk, usually grade 1-3 is what you’ll find in most craft stores. WedIdeas uses mostly grade 4-5 with some grade 3 as well. Grade 6 is obviously the best quality and therefore the most expensive. Some bouquets with all grade 6 flowers can cost just as much as the real thing.

Artificial flowers have come a long way, and while some might instantly dismiss them as “tacky”, those people are probably only thinking about those glitter covered monstrosities that you see at Michael’s. This is the only way I could afford my beloved dark purple calla lilies (scroll all the way down) or gorgeous peonies. I can get the bouquets I want for half the cost I was budgeting! Best of all, you get to keep the bouquet after wards as a reminder of your day. Second best of all, you don’t have to worry about being disappointed with your bouquet on the day, as they will build it to your specifications, and you can specify your ship date, so you can have it weeks or months before your wedding, and if you’re not happy you can send them back and they’ll rearrange them.

I’m excited about getting started on this project!


One Response to “Budget Flowers”

  1. 1 Amber

    what a great idea, I had not heard of this site.

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