Would you buy your dress from China?


The other day I read a post on a Livejournal wedding community where the bride stated she got her dress from lightinthebox.com. Other than the way the dress was shipped, she was pleased with the final product. I’d heard of this site before, but felt that they might be a bit dubious since they obviously just pluck photos off designer’s websites (and they Photoshop some of the model’s heads in a hilarious manner) in order to make knock-offs to order.

That said, there could be some good deals here if you’re willing to take the risk. They accept Paypal, which is a good thing, that way they won’t have your credit card information, and Paypal has measures in place to protect you should the transaction go bad. I will also stave off any comments about Chinese working conditions by saying if you don’t want your wedding dress to be made in China either make it yourself or have a dressmaker make it for you. Most other dresses (even a lot of super high end brands)? Made in China. If you’d read the books Bridal Bargains & One Perfect Day, you’d be aware of that already.

So, willing to take the risk? Here are some of the knock-offs they offer, starting at $60 (excluding shipping, of course).



One Response to “Would you buy your dress from China?”

  1. 1 Sara

    I actually bought my dress at preownedweddingdresses.com and my dress couldn’t be more perfect! So theres a lot of options.. I’m really happy about it.

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