When you google “wedding hairstyles” most of the images that appear are fancy-schmancy up-dos. This is never what I imagined my wedding hair to be, but this is mostly because I have baby fine hair. If I sneezed, all that hard work would be undone. My hair just does not do up-do well. I’m also cutting costs and not having professional hair and make-up done on the day. This is mainly to save money, and also because I’m pretty simple when it comes to hair and make-up. I never wear make-up, so I didn’t want to come out looking overly made-up, as no one would recognize me.

So, I figured I’d have a “down-do” instead of an up-do. I’m thinking of just wearing a headband or a flower pin in my hair, but the veil issue is the one I’ve thing I’ve actually gotten grief about. My parents and my future in-laws are very laid back people, but when I told them that I didn’t want to wear a veil, both of my mothers said “WHA?! YOU MUST WEAR A VEIL!” so I will likely be roped into wearing a veil to make them happy.

In the board below are a few styles that caught my fancy. Some of these are “wavy”, which I likely could not pull off on the day (have I mentioned my hair is also resistant to curl?) but I liked them anyway. My favorite styles are Jennifer’s wee little braid and Angelina’s side part. I’d probably end up going with her hair style, as it’s the simplest, and not that different from what I sport on a daily basis. Although her hair has a lot more body than mine, so we’ll see how it pans out!



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