Odds & ends


-Yesterday I got my dice cocktail napkins. I can’t say I’m impressed. The foil was flaking off the dice on a lot of the napkins. Our names and dates were off-centered on some, and the worst offense, you could see the SE for September printed on some of the dice. But, you get what you pay for, and as my MOH said, they are just napkins. No big deal.
-Yesterday’s mail also brought our personalized pencils. These were more impressive, I liked the way they turned out. We’re putting these on our tables so if guests really do want to play a game that requires them to keep score, they’ll have something to write with. We may also toss some in with our favors. In all honesty, we only needed about five or six pencils, but they were $6 for 24, so I think we’ll be writing with our “Tara & Jeremy” pencils for some time to come.
-My fiance found a cheaper flight to Las Vegas on United! Not only does it save us $60, but we actually get fed on the flight (is it sad I’m excited about that?) vs. Southwest, who we were originally planning on flying with. He got the money from his parents to book the flights yesterday, so we will have our confirmed flights today when he gets off work.
-We finalized plans with our engagement session photographer. We’re doing our shoot next Sunday in DC’s Chinatown neighborhood, which I think will produce some great photos. Our second date was at the National Portrait Gallery which is spitting distance from this neighborhood. There are lots of interesting backdrops, so I’m excited for the shoot! Our rain plan is to shoot at Clyde’s, which would be interesting for sure!
-Ebay is the BEST resource if you’re having a board game themed wedding. I’m currently beginning a collection of miscellaneous board game pieces for various projects.


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