Only a bit more than six months to go…


And I’m okay with that!

I frequent my month’s board on pretty often, and I’m amazed at how much some of these ladies have done. There are a lot of them that have their invitations already done and addressed, just sitting there waiting to be mailed out in July!

It’s easy to let the progress of others freak you out, but I’m honestly not. I think that a lot of my fellow 9/09 brides have had far longer engagements than yours truly. Since I moved up my date, I’ve gotten a lot done. I’ve also decided on one major item to check off my list: the dress.

Well, okay, not the dress exactly. But I have decided to order it online, and to go for a more “simple” dress versus buying it from a bridal salon. I have never dreamed about the big floufy dress, and after my one experience trying on dresses, I know it’s not for me. I want to move around freely on my day. I am hesitant about this process, but I’m going to hope for the best. I’m probably going to order a couple dresses and send back the one I’m not crazy about.

I’ve also decided on flowers, as I mentioned last week I’m going the silk route. I have a telephone consultation with Tara at Vienna’s Flowers tonight. The stem detail on her bouquets are out of this world gorgeous. There is no way I’d be able to afford this kind of detail work on top of real flowers, so I’m really excited to talk with Tara tonight and see what she can come up with! I’m also excited that the flowers will look exactly as I want them to be and there are no surprises on wedding day!

Lastly, I have a story to share that was not funny at the time, but is kind of amusing now.

On Thursday my fiance booked our flights to Las Vegas. He found a cheaper flight on United, and I was happy about that. He told me “I was happy to book it under your married name!” Wait, WHAT?! I won’t be traveling under my married name as I was not planning on starting the paperwork for my new name until we got back from the honeymoon.

Long story short, he called and they removed me from the reservation and he re booked me the next day when the money was refunded to him. In that day, the price of the flight went up $100, so he was really upset with himself. I’m just glad I asked to look at the confirmation or we’d have had one hell of a surprise when we got to the airport!

:wipes forehead:


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