Why must I be cursed with big boobs?


Because if I wasn’t so busty, I would totally be rocking this dress from nordstrom.com on the big day! This beauty is only $118! It looks similar to a Wtoo dress that I liked, minus the sweetheart neckline and a few hundred dollars cheaper!


I was also taken by this lovely Diane von Furstenberg dress, which would look beyond fabulous on a free-spirited bride. She is not as “budget-friendly” as the other dress, at $500, but that’s still cheap for a wedding dress!


I am in love with Nordstrom’s bridal shop! I will have to decide soon if I want to buy a dress there, as I’m concerned I’ll have a similar experience like my bridesmaids had with their dress, a ship date that was two months after their date of purchase!


3 Responses to “Why must I be cursed with big boobs?”

  1. 1 sgdish

    Don’t fret…you’ll find the perfect dress for you! B sure to fit your chest and have anything else altered…it will probably be easier than having to let something out! Good luck! http://abridesbigday.wordpress.com/

  2. I am in the same boat 😦 It sucks LOL

  3. 3 Pam

    Hi. I was reading some of your reviews on yelp.com and I know where Heather T. went! (Or where she was last I spoke with her about a month or so ago). It is a salon in Bel Air, MD called Domani Studios located on Route 1. Their phone number is (410) 838-4294; address: 1212 E. Churchville Rd. Just in case you were still interested in tracking her down. Good luck with all of your wedding plans.

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