Vendor Introduction: Vienna’s Flowers


I am happy to say that I’ve decided to book with Vienna’s Flowers for our wedding flowers. I talked with the owner, Tara on Monday and not only is she a peach, but she really understood my vision.

Her team is going to create a custom collection for me and my girls. She is going to replicate this gorgeous bouquet for me with callas and dahlias. There is no way I’d EVER be able to afford this with real flowers, so I’m really excited for that. My bouquet will have the Dior bow in ivory.


The girls are going to have a variation of this bouquet which is part of Vienna’s existing line. The roses will be a pale (almost cream colored) pink. We’re keeping the pearls for the MOH bouquet, and they will be fully wrapped, except with the gorgeous ballet tied wrap with pink and white ribbon.


I highly suggest contacting Tara if you’re like me and don’t really a) have a lot of money in your budget for flowers or b) have expensive taste in flowers and don’t want to settle for cheaper blooms. Artificial flowers have come a long way, baby! Just make sure to plan ahead, it can take them up to four months to get your flowers to you during wedding season.


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