Our 1st Anniversary


Sunday will be our year anniversary. In all honesty, it should really be a week later as I really didn’t feel that true spark with him until our second date. Jeremy is very, very shy with new people and had been out of the dating scene for awhile, so it took him a bit to warm up to me. I was also dating more than one guy at a time at that point in my life, and funnily enough one of them was in the bar the night of our first date. All I can say is THANK GOD he didn’t see me. If he had, I think that would have scared Jeremy off and I’d be in a very different place in my life.

I had told my co-workers in December 2007 that I was going to meet my husband in 2008. I spent most of 2007 being jerked around by dickclowns and had run out of patience. “I just want to meet a nice guy!” I could often be heard whining.

Jeremy and I met on eharmony in February, 2008 and I wondered if I had met the nice guy. Still, I was not one to hedge my bets on just one guy, so I was still talking to a few guys and going on and endless string of first dates. Our first date was three hours long and I knew that I wanted there to be a second, but I did not walk away feeling “ZOMG I JUST MET MY HUSBAND!”

It took me a week to shake off the other guy, and frankly, I don’t blame myself. He looked like a blond Steven Page (former lead singer of Barenaked Ladies) who I’d my panties in a twist over for the better part of a decade. So of course there was the instant connection with him, but it was not to be, and I’m obviously glad for that.

By our second date, I wasn’t interested in dating anyone else and have never looked back. Jeremy is the perfect match. I have matured a lot since we have been together and my boss even commented that I seem a lot happier (which is saying a lot since I hate my job). He is mellow, sweet matured and just all around wonderful. He is the opposite of me, as he rarely gets annoyed or bent out of shape. I have a short fuse and even shorter attention span. We compliment each other very nicely!

We’re spending our first anniversary having our engagement photos taken. I’m kind of sad we’re only getting one “date-aversary” as our we’re getting married in September, but I’m thankful everyday that we spend together, not just our anniversary!


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