Don’t watch Steven King movies before bedtime.


Last night The Shining was on, and since I’m reading the book right now, I gave it a (third or fourth) glance. I can’t help it, I love scary movies and this movie was one of the few to actually scare the holy bejesus out of me.

I went to bed when it was over, and had my second wedding nightmare so far. It was truly horrible, at least from a bride’s perspective. I had plain white cotton tablecloths on my table instead of my upgraded dark purple linens. I had no board games as my centerpieces, just crappy little carnation and daisy centerpieces and some ugly votives. My coordinator had her head up her butt so everything was chaotic. Worst of all, my photographer had wandered off with one of the groomsmen and I found her drunk off her ass and she had not taken ONE photo of my entire wedding. I of course only discovered her absence AFTER the wedding was over and everyone was going home and everything was being broken down.

Funnily enough my members of my bridal party have also had nightmares. My mother had a hilarious one where she was getting dressed for the wedding, opened her closet and found only sweatpants. My maid of honor had one where she had to give a speech and messed up in a royal fashion, I think it involved some of her clothes coming off in front of all the guests. It makes me feel better that it’s not only the bride having nightmares!


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