The Playlist Part Three: Slow Songs


Here’s the third part of the wedding playlist series. This time I’m focusing on some of my very favorite love songs that would make a good first dance, or even a sweet slow dance at your reception.

Make You Feel My Love-Adele
This is a cover of one of my very favorite Billy Joel songs. I grew up singing Billy tunes (I grew up in the ’80s, so who didn’t?) but I actually like her version better than the original.

Aqualung-Pressure Suit
Oh man, I love Aqualung. I think this song is incredibly romantic.

Lovesong-The Cure
I was the girl who loved both the New Kids on the Block and the Cure when I was growing up. I owe the latter to my older sister. I have imagined this song at my wedding since I was 13. Please do not use of the many lame covers of this song. The original is best!

Depcehe Mode-Somebody
When I was 13, I also loved Depeche Mode, and used to cry when I listened to this song. If you listen to this video, I wasn’t the only one, as you can hear a mighty echo of people singing along.

Josh Pyke-Beg Your Pardon
I was introduced to Josh Pyke when I went to the SXSW festival. He was the opener at one of those parties you can only find at SXSW, Amy Winehouse, The Fratellis and MIKA were also on the bill. He is not only adorable, but a really great songwriter as well.

Chariots Rise-Lizzie West
Incredibly romantic song! This would be a lovely tribute to your groom.

Blue Eyes-Cary Brothers
This song is my tribute to Jeremy, because it’s true. He has blue eyes, and he is the sweet to my mean.

Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing-Magnetic Fields
Every song of theirs is my favorite. And I had to pick this video as it features my favorite episode of “Torchwood’.

Nina Simone-Feeling Good
Except no imitations! Only this song will do, no lame ass covers for me!

At My Most Beautiful-REM
One of my all-time favorite love songs.

Samson-Regina Spektor
Another all-time favorite.

The Aspidistra Files-Stars
I had to pick this video as I love old school Jim/Pam. But I digress. This song reminds me of my last trip to London. It came on my ipod shuffle as I was on my way to the airport. It was raining, as it does tend to do in London.

1000 Oceans-Tori Amos
Yes, I am one of those girls that goes to see Tori Amos and is sucking back snot and wiping my eyes the whole night. Sue me.

Vienna Teng-Harbor
Not a super slow song, but still very romantic.

Bonnie & Clyde II-Martina Sorbara
I discovered this song through a lame Elijah Wood movie. It was the only thing I took away from it.

As Is-Ani Difranco
This is the song you can play to tell your husband that you accept him just as he is.

My favorite Guster song ever.

Call & Answer-Barenaked Ladies
How can Barenaked Ladies ever be the same now that Steven Page has left the band? Who could sing this song the same way? :emo sigh:

I’ll leave it there for now, but I’m having so much fun with these posts I will be back with more!


3 Responses to “The Playlist Part Three: Slow Songs”

  1. 1 honeymyheart

    i totally agree about ‘lovesong’… the cure’s version is the best!

  2. OMG, where has this Adele version been all of my life? I just cried my eyes out… Love it.. Do you think it could be a “walk down the aisle” song contender?

  3. 3 budgetbeautiful

    You’re talking to the girl who’s probably walking down the aisle to a Pixies song, so of course I’d think it was aisle worthy! 😉

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