The Playlist Part Four: Bootyshaker!


Work has been incredibly stressful this week (and I have an interview at a job I think I have a decent shot at, so any positive vibes would help) so these playlist posts have been a good stress reliever.

Today’s post features songs that have the dope beats that will get your guests on the dance floor right quick! Okay, maybe not, especially if your family and friends prefer “The Chicken Dance”, but they’re some of my favorites regardless.

Love Will Tear Us Apart-Joy Division
Kind of an ironic song to be played at a wedding, but I can’t help it, I love anti-love songs.

Miss Me Blind-Culture Club
This song reminds me of a few years ago. One of my bridesmaids and I were in Los Angeles at a fancy party, singing this song across the table to each other.

Finally-CeCe Peniston
This was my favorite song when I was 15. It’s also pretty appropriate for a wedding, it’s about meeting the man of your dreams.

Love Today-MIKA
This song would even make the repressed white people in our families bust a move.

Don’t Feel Like Dancing-Scissor Sisters
Holy crap I LOVE the Scissor Sisters. They are such a blast to see live!

Feel Good Inc.-Gorillaz
This one goes without saying!

No You Girls-Franz Ferdinand
One of my very favorite bands. Their albums always have at least one good ass shaking song.

The Beginning of the Twist-The Futureheads
Might be a too ‘out there’ for some receptions, but they are one of my (and Jeremy’s) favorite bands.

All The Rage-The Royal We
This song makes me dance around my apartment like a fool.

Start Wearing Purple-Gogol Bordello
Hmm, this one might be more suited for a drunken bachelor/ette party! Still, purple’s one of my wedding colors, so we’ll see.

Great DJ-The Ting Tings
All the teens and 20somethings will be on the floor once this song comes on.

Golden Skans-Klaxons
This song would be great for the end of the night after all the older people have gone home, as it might give them a headache.

What Katie Did-The Libertines
In a perfect world, where my family and friends actually knew who the Libertines were, this would be the song that ended the reception. In this world, I’d be on the dance floor alone, singing by myself. Shoop shoop de de lang lang

Are you going to play your favorite songs at your reception or are you just going to stick to standbys in fear of an empty dance floor?


2 Responses to “The Playlist Part Four: Bootyshaker!”

  1. i’m LOVING your taste in music.

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