Oh, what a busy week!


I have been busy with both work and wedding stuff this week! A brief run-down.

-We did our engagement shoot on Sunday and I’m really pleased overall. You can see some of our favorites at our photographer’s blog here. I’m so tickled that we have professional photos of us, even my future mother-in-law was expecting Olan Mills like photos (we both made fun of her for that) and was a little confused when she saw them, I am so thrilled. I would recommend Jocelyn to any DC/Baltimore area bride!
-Yesterday I had a slight freak-out when a kind reader left me a comment saying that the dresses on 300dresses.com are identical to those of her dressmaker, millybridal.com. I shot off an e-mail to Milly Bridal, who wrote back quickly (considering they’re in China) confirming they are the supplier for 300dresses.com. That made me feel better, and I’ve decided why shop through a middleman? Milly Bridal is cheaper, even when you factor in shipping from China and seem to have a good reputation.
-I sent our deposit to viennasflowers.com, so I should have a photo of my collection in about five weeks. W’hoo! I’ll have my flowers about four months before the wedding, so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about.

As for non-wedding stuff, work is busy, and in between that I had to squeeze in an interview in Fredericksburg. It went well, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens there. I’m also moving in with Jeremy, so the next month will be crazy busy! I’ll be excited to move in with Jeremy, I’m sick of living on my own.


One Response to “Oh, what a busy week!”

  1. Those photos are soo cute! I like the kiss in the hair one best! 🙂

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