The Playlist Part Five:The Last Dance


Depending on what type of reception you’re having, you’ll either want to end the night with a bang or on a sentimental note. The following songs are a mix of both.

Perfect Day-Lou Reed
Oh, it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you kind of sums it up perfectly, eh?

If I Had A Million Dollars-Barenaked Ladies
This is another song I’ve wanted to be played at my wedding since I was about 20.

Save Tonight-Eagle Eye Cherry

Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton
If you were in high school in the early 90’s, odds are this song was played at your homecoming or prom.

Such Great Heights-The Postal Service

Ma Ya Hi-Ozone
Who wouldn’t pay money to see their relatives dancing drunkenly to Romanian pop music?! There is an English version of this song too, I can’t remember who sings it, though.

Lorelei-The Pogues

22 Grand Job-The Rakes
This is another song that’s quite excellent to jump around drunkenly to. Your relatives won’t understand what they’re saying except “22 GRAND JOB!”

I Know Kung Fu-Shitdisco
Hopefully your guests won’t really know kung fu and injure themselves. You might want to make sure you have insurance just in case.

Make It Happen-The Teenagers
I love their cute little accents.

Your Cloud-Tori Amos

Love Will Come Through-Travis
I listened to this song during the depths of my single days, with the hope that love was just waiting for me. Turns out, it was.

Midnight Radio-Hedwig & The Angry Inch
I’ve already talked about my love of Hedwig, but if you’ve been lucky enough to see a production of the play, you’ll know how powerful this song can be.

Hotel Yorba-The White Stripes

Lucky-Bif Naked

Rebellion-Arcade Fire
I’m one of those people that doesn’t like Arcade Fire. Except for this song.

It’s The Sun-The Polyphonic Spree
This song never fails to put me in a good mood!

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots-The Flaming Lips
In one of those random occurrences that can only happen at the SXSW festival, one of my bridesmaids and I ran into Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne as we were walking down the street. Yes ladies, he is just as dreamy in person! So obviously this song is a must play to remind us of that day!

Dark Of The Matinee-Franz Ferdinand
Best Franz Ferdinand video EVER. If your crowd is tame, this is your song.

Franz Ferdinand-Michael
If your crowd’s a bit wilder (or they’ll be drunker) this is your song! Both of our fathers are named Michael, so this song ain’t in the cards for our reception. Mine wouldn’t mind, his might!

I’ll leave that there for now, but I think I have one more entry left in the playlist series.


One Response to “The Playlist Part Five:The Last Dance”

  1. Our last song will definitely be If I Had a Million Dollars. BNL is my favorite band EVER and I have been waiting a long time to play that at our wedding! Our friends are probably going to shower us with macaroni as we leave.

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