Dress drama-rama


My bridesmaids have had a case of too big, too little and too little when it comes to their dresses. I was hoping my last bridesmaids dress would be “just right!” but it wasn’t. And since it’s difficult to alter dresses down, we have a back-up plan. My original choice of bridesmaids dress only goes up to a 14. This is a problem. So I did a quick search on nordstrom.com She is going to buy this dress as a back-up plan.


Yes, people are probably going to think she’s the MOH if she’s wearing a different dress and no, the purple doesn’t exactly match the other dress, but do I give a shit? No. I told her I want her to be comfortable. So, she decided to keep the original dress, and if she loses weight, she’ll wear that. If she doesn’t, this gorgeous dress is her back-up plan. Thank you Nordstrom.com for having a generous return policy!!

Then there’s my dress.

My mother measured me over the weekend and it was not good. I have gained a lot of weight since Jeremy and I started dating, and I have seemed to lack the motivation to lose it before the wedding. The measurements were a push in the right direction. They were all over the place, so there’s no way I can buy one of their standard dresses. I’d have to rip it apart to get it to fit. So, we’re taking a risk (no returns allowed) and getting a custom made dress with my exact measurements. Then hopefully we’ll just need to shorten the train (or put a bustle in) and perhaps make the odd change. I’m hoping if there are just wee tiny changes to be made I can convince my mom’s neighbor to do it. She made my prom dress for me, so I know she can do it!!

Once we get our lease set up for our new apartment, my mom is ordering it, so I should have it by mid-June at the latest. I can’t believe the six month date to the wedding has come and gone already!


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