The great weight loss race


Last night my bridesmaid that can’t fit in her dress told me about an idea that her co-workers are taking part of. It’s called a weight loss race, and she asked if I wanted to join in. Here’s her explanation:

You pick a number of pounds to lose (say, 20). We all weigh ourselves on the “starting date” and tell each other our weight. Then whoever reaches their goal first is the winner. Let’s say you lose 20 pounds before anyone else. If I had only lost 10 pounds, I’d owe you $10. If Bridesmaid B had lost 15 pounds, she would owe you $5.

I am really not looking forward to weighing myself, but I think this will provide motivation for not only me, but two of my bridesmaids who also need to fit into their dresses. My third bridesmaid, my sister, got the good metabolism in my family and is a size 4, so she is not taking part, since her dress is too damn BIG. I figure with starting about five and a half months before the wedding we have the opportunity to really lose some weight. I’m asking Jeremy if he wants to take part too, and with luck, we’ll all be looking our best on wedding day!


4 Responses to “The great weight loss race”

  1. 1 Amber

    I posted about weight today too. I am honestly not sure that would motivate me. I am not sure what will at this point LOL

  2. OOOOOo, I am sickly competitive. I love this idea and am fricken posting it on facebook to see if anyone wants to join me. But I can’t tag people cause that’s like say “I think you’re fat” when really I mean, if you want, do it with me. oy. 🙂

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