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I have been a font whore for as long as I can remember. I’m the girl that was buying the CD of 1,001 fonts at Best Buy in 1998. So I knew that when it came time to design my invitations and other wedding bits n’ bobs, I could not have just any font. So, […]

I’d always known that I wanted to use our engagement photos for a photo guest book. This works on two levels. First, we have a photo album of our engagement photos. Secondly, there will be kind words from our friends. Done and done! When I got our DVD of images from Jocelyn, I immediately uploaded […]

Etsy Favorites


I’m taking advantage of a rare non-busy day in the midst of the wackiness that is my life right now to share some of my favorite etsy finds! -I’m thinking about getting a custom jigsaw puzzle with one of our engagement photos for guests to put together. CustomDogBandanas features really nice stuff! -I’m still iffy […]

Update! Update!


Please excuse any typos, I have a Hello Kitty band-aid on my thumb from slicing it open with a piece of cardboard. UGH. I have to say that my updates are probably going to be few and far between now and the start of May, because the following are going on: -Moving to Fredericksburg with […]

Paying Respect


Instead of a lame favor that no one will use, I’m leaning towards doing charitable donations. I figured we’d pick three or four charities that are dear to our hearts and put up a sign stating that the donations were made. I hate that “a donation was made in your honor” BS, mainly because I […]

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a lover of letterpress, and the choice of my invitation vendor was not one that I took lightly. There are a few really great letterpress designers out there that I wish I could have given all of them my business because they were […]

Today I worked on a project that is about as DIY as I get, is which to say not very. A few months ago I mentioned that I’d come into some nifty photo snow globes through my workplace. Today I got inspired to turn them into favors for our rehearsal dinner. If you have the […]