About as DIY as I get.


Today I worked on a project that is about as DIY as I get, is which to say not very. A few months ago I mentioned that I’d come into some nifty photo snow globes through my workplace. Today I got inspired to turn them into favors for our rehearsal dinner. If you have the snow globes, it is super easy to make these. You can put actual photos in there, but I went the cheap easy route and just used a tent card template (Avery 5302 if you’re interested) and printed the image directly on the card. Does it look as crisp as a photo? No. Do I care? No.

Each snow globe comes in its own little white box, so I used a round label template and printed one of our nifty monograms on it. This also covers up the stupid DO NOT OPEN stamp that one of our partners had stamped on the box for some stupid reason I can’t remember now.


This is the front of the snow globe, which showcases one of our engagement photos. The photo was in black and white, so I figured it’d look just as swell printed that way. Sure, if I had some extra cash, I’d go the color route, but I don’t, so there ya go. I did have to shrink the photo down to fit about the middle of the tent card template, otherwise it would not have fit. Just to give you an idea, you will need two photos or inserts for each globe. There is a plastic piece which goes in the middle of the frame to keep the photos flush against the frame, but a few of the ones I worked with didn’t have that, so I just cut the photos very flush to the frame so they’d stay taut.


The back of the snowglobe features a message thanking our friends and family for being a part of our wedding and a note that the bottom of the globe pops off so they can stick their own photos in there, because other than our parents, I can’t imagine that anyone would want a snow globe with our photo in it.


I’m really excited about this favor, now I just need to make up my mind what I’m doing for favors at the actual wedding!


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