Update! Update!


Please excuse any typos, I have a Hello Kitty band-aid on my thumb from slicing it open with a piece of cardboard. UGH. I have to say that my updates are probably going to be few and far between now and the start of May, because the following are going on:

-Moving to Fredericksburg with Jeremy next weekend!
-Moving in 40 people from the law firm my law firm merged with. The very same weekend!
-Arranging various “staff appreciation” functions next week! During all these other things going on.
-In the midst of all this, I’ll be celebrating my 33rd birthday.

So, things are a bit wacko right here now. That said, I’ve managed to get a lot of stuff done for the wedding!

-My mother ordered the dress and paid the $50 rush fee so I should get it in about a month, as I was freaking out old school at the thought of getting it in early July, especially if it needed serious alterations.
-Talked with my sister about ordering Sweet & Sassy Cupcakes for my wedding. They should be fresh Saturday afternoon if she picks them up Thursday after work, but we are going to do a quality test just to be sure.
-Decided on the main font for our invitations! They are going to look so gorgeous letterpressed. Now we just need to decide on the color. I don’t want a blue-purple or a black-purple, so this I hope will come to me as easily as the font!


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