Etsy Favorites


I’m taking advantage of a rare non-busy day in the midst of the wackiness that is my life right now to share some of my favorite etsy finds!

-I’m thinking about getting a custom jigsaw puzzle with one of our engagement photos for guests to put together. CustomDogBandanas features really nice stuff!
-I’m still iffy on whether I’ll be wearing a veil, but if I do, it’ll be something like this from AnnLeslie. So pretty!
-I’d wanted to get custom coasters made, but how cute are these Scrabble board coasters by Handmade Housewares?
-I’m debating if I want to do any decoration at the ceremony, we’ll be facing the woods, and I think that might be enough. But if I have any extra money, I’m going to look into hanging kissing balls like these from annemusingdesigns on the chairs facing the aisle.
This gorgeous purse from leighannkline is right up my alley. It’s ivory, so it matches my dress and the proper amount of fippery I’m looking for.
-I’m thinking of getting one of these totes from threelulustoo’s shop for my bridesmaids to put their gifts in.
-We’re not even having a cake, but I would love cake toppers like these from goosegrease to be sitting on our sweets table!

I hope to be back into full blogging mode in two weeks’ time!


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