Photo Guest Book


I’d always known that I wanted to use our engagement photos for a photo guest book. This works on two levels. First, we have a photo album of our engagement photos. Secondly, there will be kind words from our friends. Done and done!

When I got our DVD of images from Jocelyn, I immediately uploaded them to Shutterfly and went to work. They have many layouts to choose from and it took me all of a half hour to get the look I wanted. This is contrary to Blurb, which I was frustrated with immediately. I think Blurb is for people who are a bit more techy or familiar with graphic design than I. I wanted a click n’ drag operation, and that’s what Shutterfly is. Pick your layout, drag your photo, add your text and viola.

I had the guest book done and ready to go when Jeremy brought me a Target catalog filled with neat stuff (we got this as one of our wedding registries is through Target and I requested a catalog), and tucked inside? A $20 gift card to Shutterfly, so I got our guest book for $13 with shipping! Yay, thank you Target!


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