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I’ve neglected this series for awhile, but now I’m back! This post will cover songs that would make great grand entrance songs for either the bridal party or the bride and groom. Like most of my playlists, they focus on mostly indie and Brit rock, with a bit of pop thrown in. Electric Avenue-Eddy Grant […]

Today I received my adorable Moo cards in the mail! They came in a wee little plastic box and are too cute for words. They much better fit my Scrabble tile look as they’re half the size of the business cards I was going to use. I took a photo, you can see it under […]

My latest wedding accomplishment is finding a place to have a rehearsal dinner in Harford County, MD. There are options. But a lot of them are expensive or look like they haven’t been decorated since the 1980’s. Or both. Yeesh. So, to help other area brides, I’ll list some of the places I’ve found, or […]

When I finally got to see it on Friday, I was happy to find that my dress actually fit! Well, almost. I basically need a better bra/corset, as the straps were loose, and it was a bit tight in the stomach area, but I’ve gained some weight since I was measured, so that wasn’t a […]



Now that we’re moved in, I’ve had the chance to look at some wedding stuff that arrived prior to the chaos. One of those things was a shit-ton of loose Scrabble tiles for my escort cards. These little buggers are quite in demand, as people use them for crafting, so I’m hoping I can sell […]

Next on my wedding to-do list is to find a spot for our rehearsal dinner. Honestly I wish I could just relegate this to my future mother-in-law, but seeing as she’s never stepped foot in my “home turf”, where we’re getting married, it’s up to me. I’ll talk about my experiences with actual vendors when […]

Yesterday I had a mild freak-out yesterday when I tracked my dress and DHL tracking said it was being delivered to the wrong city! I contacted Milly Bridal and they assured me they sent it to the right address. Today my dress arrived, which is a lot quicker than I expected! I tell my mother […]