Our guest book!


I honestly wasn’t expecting our guest book so soon, so it was a nice surprise when it was delivered to me today at work! I’m really, really pleased with it. The quality of the images is great, and you can’t beat the nice cloth cover!

I’ve included some photos after the jump if you’d like to take a look!

These were taken with my (brand! spanking! new!) iphone, so excuse the quality.

This is the cover. It’s a nice quality cloth. It’s not as pink as I thought it would be based on the photo online, but I like it nonetheless.

I put these pages in the center of the book, they were taken in one of the hallways at my old apartment building.

These last pages show what most of them look like. Photos with lots of white space surrounding them so people have room to sign.


I’m so glad we decided to get a photo guest book! Not only do we have our engagement photos in an album, but we’ll have our loved ones kind words in the book as well!


One Response to “Our guest book!”

  1. The guestbook looks GREAT!! 🙂

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