Stress=weight loss


When I’m stressed, I’m a bad eater. I’ve inherited from my father the awful habit of downing a container of ice cream in nearly one sitting. This is not good. Yet I was surprised that when I finally weighed myself for the weight loss race that my bridesmaids and I are running, I’ve actually lost 4 lbs. Now whether that loss will sustain now that life has settled a bit is anyone’s guess, but I’m hoping to go in the right direction. I only have four and a half months to go. I really don’t expect to be a size 6 on wedding day (nor do I really want to be, really) but I’d like to be a more toned, less “blobular” (that’s Jeremy’s word) version of myself.

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently bought an iphone. One of my bridesmaids suggested the Lose It app for my phone and I have to say it’s good at keeping me accountable. I’m not as likely to eat a half a quart of Edy’s Slow churned Drumstick ice cream if I have to watch, in horror, as Lose It totals up my calories. Best of all? This is one of those great free apps, so if you have an iphone, I highly suggest it!


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