What not to wear


Jeremy’s cousin was married over the weekend. We didn’t attend the festivities as they live a few hours a way and frankly we’re still adjusting to our new life together, so the thought of the trip was exhausting to me. We went to visit his parents yesterday after they returned and they showed us photos of the wedding. The bride and groom looked glowing, and dashing respectively. It was what I saw in the background of the photos that disturbed me.

People in shorts and other casual attire. EEP. Now this bride and groom had a more casual ceremony and reception than we’re having, so I’m hoping that’s all there was to it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting our guests to rent tuxes or buy ballgowns, I’ve never wanted a super formal wedding. But we’re having our ceremony and reception at a mansion fer crissakes. I’d hope that the location alone would dictate the attire. But now I’m hoping that some of our relatives, who could be called “hillbilly” at the best of times are going to show up rockin’ a NASCAR t-shirt and jeans. I’m more worried about my family as we don’t have a lot of weddings and my Dad’s side of the family is full of my redneck-y uncles. So, I decided to add an “Attire” page to our wedding website, that I hope gets the point across.

“First and foremost, we want our guests to be comfortable, and don’t want to enforce a strict dress code, because we think that’s ridiculous. What we’ve written below is simply information about the kind of wedding we’re having to give an idea of what sort of attire you’d like to wear if you’re unsure.

We’re having an outdoor, afternoon wedding, which will take place on the grounds and porticoes of the mansion. If we had to pick a “dress code” for our wedding, it would have to be casual cocktail. Ladies in sundresses or cocktail dresses. For the men, ties and jackets are not required, but if you’d like to wear them, feel free. A short sleeved or dress shirt and slacks are just fine.

Send us an e-mail via our contact page if you have questions!”

I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a bridezilla, but it would really bother me if people showed up looking like they were going to clean their car, not attend a wedding ceremony.


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