Mother, don’t make me kill you!


Yesterday I had a mild freak-out yesterday when I tracked my dress and DHL tracking said it was being delivered to the wrong city! I contacted Milly Bridal and they assured me they sent it to the right address. Today my dress arrived, which is a lot quicker than I expected!

I tell my mother to take some photos since I won’t be able to go up for a visit until next weekend (quelle horreur!) and I am bursting at the seams here! I get a response that she doesn’t want to take it out of the plastic, since she hasn’t bought a garment bag for it yet, even though I asked her to do this weeks ago.

I was about to fire off a nasty e-mail when I take a breath and realize I’m being a bridezilla. Instead, I ask her to please take off the plastic and snap some photos, I’m DYING to see what my dress looks like and I don’t want to wait a whole eight days until I can see it in person. I appreciate that she wants to protect my dress, but I told her to just carefully remove the plastic and place it in the far back of the closet until she can get a garment bag! Blargh.

Edit: She came through with the goods and the dress looks gorgeous! I’ll post photos here once I’ve tried it on!


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