Now that we’re moved in, I’ve had the chance to look at some wedding stuff that arrived prior to the chaos. One of those things was a shit-ton of loose Scrabble tiles for my escort cards. These little buggers are quite in demand, as people use them for crafting, so I’m hoping I can sell them after the wedding!

Er, anyway! For the escort cards, I’d bought a bunch of business cards in pale pink from Paper Source. The plan is to lay them out and put a Scrabble tile on top of it for the first letter of the guest’s last name. Not only does this make it easy for guests to find their names, but it ties in our board game theme. Well, with the business cards, I HATED the way this looked. The tile is too small and it just looked, for lack of a better word, poopy.

So, I decided to go with some mini-cards from You can upload your own images, and I had thought about doing this, as Mrs. Candycorn from weddingbee did this for her wedding last year, you can see them here.

I thought of putting photos of game board boxes on the back of the cards, but then I think there’s a line where your theme just takes over your wedding and becomes ridiculous, so instead I decided on Sarah Green’s ready-made set. I love most of the designs, and the ones that I don’t, who cares! The set comes with 100 cards. I’ll only need 60 at the absolute max. Odds are no one will actually flip them over when they pick them up, but if they do, there will be something pretty for them to look at!

Since these cards are smaller than the business cards, I think the Scrabble tile will look quite nice on them, and we should have room for all of them on the table!

If you want to go with for any of your wedding related projects, make sure to check out for any coupon codes!


One Response to “Mooooooo.”

  1. 1 laurajane

    Hiya! I agree 100%! I think while the moo cards are adorable, individual pictures and arranging them and such would be more stressful than it’s worth. I’m excited to see what you come up with! I think they will look amazing! đŸ™‚

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