Rehearsal Dinner Locations-Harford County, Maryland


My latest wedding accomplishment is finding a place to have a rehearsal dinner in Harford County, MD. There are options. But a lot of them are expensive or look like they haven’t been decorated since the 1980’s. Or both. Yeesh.

So, to help other area brides, I’ll list some of the places I’ve found, or were suggested to me by the lovely ladies on the Baltimore board. Seriously, even if you’re anti-Knot, you should lurk on your local board. Mine is filled with friendly ladies who have helped me find four of my vendors.

Anyway! Here’s a list of places you might want to check out if you’re a Baltimore, Harford or Cecil county bride!

DyClaw Brewing Company, Bel Air
They were on my list, but they never responded to my inquiry, so I never bothered following-up. If you’re more persistent, I’d give them a go, the space is nice!

Liberatore’s, Bel Air
Budget friendly and a nice space. Ultimately I decided not to go with them because I am part Italian and my family is just generally really picky about Italian food. I didn’t want to look at my mother’s stink-face all night if she didn’t like the food.

The Greene Turtle, Bel Air
Nice location in downtown Bel Air and reasonable prices. They have a lot of interesting things on the menu as well.

There are numerous places in Havre de Grace, go here to take a look. I would just look at before going, a lot of places I’ve seen are either overpriced or have mediocre food, which is sad because I REALLY wanted our event to take place in HdG!

Red Brick Station, White Marsh
No, not in Harford County, but a few people mentioned that this place was worth looking into. I didn’t, mainly because I kind of hate the Avenue at White Marsh, and so does my family. I’d hear endless complaints about the parking on a Friday night. I have been there before, when I wasn’t driving and was pretty impressed.

And last but not least, our rehearsal dinner is going to take place at Magerks Bel Air! While a bit more than other places in Bel Air, ultimately my future in-laws said that we should pick what we wanted and there wasn’t a budget. So, I’m not feeling guilty about this choice, as the prices are still reasonable and well within what I felt comfortable asking them to pay. The Fireside Bar, where our event will take place has the cozy atmosphere I was looking for. If you’re having a bigger event, their Stage Bar seats 80. There was a rehearsal dinner for 50 going on while we were there.

Jen is the event coordinator there and she is on the ball and very friendly. She’s working on our contract now so we should hopefully have this wrapped up shortly so I can order my invitations!


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