Weddings bits and bobs


Today I received my adorable Moo cards in the mail! They came in a wee little plastic box and are too cute for words. They much better fit my Scrabble tile look as they’re half the size of the business cards I was going to use. I took a photo, you can see it under the cut.


In case you missed the original post, I ordered Sarah Green’s readymade pack. The designs are adorable and the texture of the cards is to die for!

I’m trying to get bits n’ bobs I need for the wedding as I can, so as not to have to buy too many things at once. I’d wanted to get a ring bowl to use at the ceremony, but mostly for use after wards. I store my ring in the box from Helzberg it came in, and I’d like something a little more delicate.

So, enter etsy seller SayYourPiece! One of my beloved Baltimore knotties posted about deciding on her ring bowl from this seller and I was smitten. It’s this piece, which will be custom made for us!

It’s hard to believe there’s less than four months to go! I am excited, but at the same time I’ll be happy when it’s over, then maybe the wedding nightmares will stop!


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