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On top of all the crap that has happened this month, on Friday I pulled a muscle in my back. Yesterday I went to the doctors and got some meds, but I’m not feeling 100% yet. Luckily he told me I could stay home from work for two days so I am. I’m hoping I’ll […]

As I mentioned last week, Jeremy’s family is going through some issues right now. I’m not going to get into specifics, but it involves a particular family member making some very, very bad choices. I really can’t stand the sight of this person right now, and guess what? This person is in our wedding party. […]

What a week.


First of all, thanks to the kind people who dropped by to leave positive comments for me. It’s been one hell of a week. On top of my fiance’s family troubles, one of my douchenozzle co-workers quit with one day’s notice. Seems like his miserable old soul got a special kind of glee leaving us […]

Posting will be light this week. I’m feeling pretty apathetic about all things wedding, mainly due to the fact that yesterday we received some news that has shocked my fiance’s family. I’ve been trying to deal with a heartbroken fiance, and trying to deal with my own feelings about the situation. I’ll be back when […]

My DIY skills are somewhat akin to the average six year old’s. I never excelled in arts & crafts, mainly because I have zero patience. While my sister drew and learned cross-stitch, my skills stopped with the latch-hook rug. I knew that any DIY project I attempted for the wedding would have to be quick […]

I just got photos from Kristin at Twin Ravens Press, our invitations are done! I’m really pleased with how they turned out. Simple and elegant. While I like a lot of contemporary invitations, I knew that I probably wouldn’t in ten years time. Why does this matter? Well, my parents wedding invitation has been hanging […]

I love the internet. It helps me find things that I didn’t even know existed, but now that I’ve seen them, I must have, now, now, now! Case in point, custom dice. I came across an awesome post on a Livejournal community about an even more awesome wedding (they’re having Lego centerpieces, OMGWTF!) in that […]