Totally random.


-I got word that our invitations are almost done and should be shipping out shortly! Eeeeeeeeee! I should be getting a photo soon! :dances in anticipation:
-If you’re like me and thinking of investing in a Bose system to use for your wedding reception (and afterward) go here. I’m leaning towards the portable system, that way we can use it for ceremony and reception.
-This is not wedding related, but if like me you’re trying to lose some weight before the wedding, you must try Smart Food. Seriously, they are the best popcorn clusters in the world, and you get a lot for 120 calories, and a lot of fiber as well. Target has a $1 off coupon, go here to get yours!
-Does anyone know where I could find some reasonably priced Simpsons cake toppers? Everything I’ve found is either expensive, out of stock or ugly! We’re not even having a cake, but I’d like Homer & Marge to grace our dessert table.


3 Responses to “Totally random.”

  1. I have the Bose portable sound one in glossy white. It is incredible (excellent sound quality, even super loud!). 🙂

  2. 2 laurajane

    ps. re: the cake topper, have you considered regular old figurines? Or in a bulk food store (the one here in Toronto usually has this sort of stuff for birthday parties?). I found these bendy Simpson’s characters, available out of California for $20, it has the entire fam, so maybe you can include the rest elsewhere? The characters look kinda weird, but maybe it’s okay? 😐

    • 3 budgetbeautiful

      Actually, I found someone on etsy who is going to custom make a topper for us! Thanks, though! 🙂

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