Dice, dice baby.


I love the internet. It helps me find things that I didn’t even know existed, but now that I’ve seen them, I must have, now, now, now!

Case in point, custom dice. I came across an awesome post on a Livejournal community about an even more awesome wedding (they’re having Lego centerpieces, OMGWTF!) in that post, the bride posted photos of the custom dice favors she had made. So, naturally I had to know where she got them, and she told me she got them made from chessex.com. I fired off an e-mail and got a response very quickly. Not only could they do the custom dice for me, but they could even do it on a purple one! W’hoo!

Here’s what they’ll look like!



So, we’ll be replacing the boring white dice in our game board centerpieces with these! I think people will be surprised when they see them, and hopefully take a pair home! If not, we’ll get use out of them many years in the future. Okay, maybe saying that is justifying an unnecessary wedding purchase to myself, but I don’t care. The dice are awesome and I’m so glad we’ll be using them at the wedding!


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